You know that the food and the band are critical to success so you hunt for the perfect culinary and musical providers. Good thinking but if you’re like most, you give little thought to the bartenders. You think most bartenders are dull and disinterested and make no effort to entertain your guests.

Unfortunately, you are all too right. That’s why we created an entirely new species of bartenders.

Our attractive, talented, high spirited and service oriented drink mixers are trained not simply to tend bar but to help bring the party to life. To add electricity to your event. To engage your guests with humor, conversation and cheer. Although they are there to work and to do so in the most professional manner, our Bar-A-Cudas are not stick figures but instead they serve as catalysts for the good vibe that makes amazing events so memorable.

Bar-A-Cudas is based in Westchester county, NY, but we love to travel! Fill out the contact form below with details on your event to see how our Cudas can bring life to your party.

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